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We respect the health and well-being of our animals and always ensure a healthy and genuine product.

Our organic eggs are produced by free-range chickens that are only fed organic food. Our use of precise techniques of organic farming, controlled and certified, without the use of synthetic chemicals, allows us to obtain organic eggs that are not only healthy, but that also provide our chickens with a better life. Happier chickens lay genuine eggs!

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Organic eggs

In organic chicken farms, chicken density is limited to 6 animals per square metre inside the barn; the maximum number of chickens raised in a farm is 3,000. They also have an outdoor area at their disposal (4 square metres per animal), in conformity with the thresholds of nitrate deposited on the terrain. Organic farming systems give chickens more opportunities to roost, to enjoy their dust baths, to move freely and to explore the surroundings, pecking, scratching themselves and searching for food. The chickens can “graze” outdoors, enjoying fresh air and natural sunlight. The animals are often provided with hedges and trees that create natural shady areas and protection against rain and the sun, as well as from predators.

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COD. COD. 192 Organic eggs
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